Luna Park by ATTICO

Luna Park seater collection, created by ATTICO, Italy.

Seating system based on a strong presence and on sharp chromatic elements. Armchair, 2 seater sofa and 4 seater sofa available. Each unit is inspired to the funfairs bumper cars’ protections. Funfairs are crossroads for emotions, voices, as well as a symbolic reference for saturated atmospheres filled with neon lights. The iconographic language of this place is reproduced with the racetrack, a stage on which pop culture, art and fashion collide.

A strong visual impact, a sharp graphic mark evoking car racing world, American cars of the ‘70s and racing alloy rims. The result is a collection of contemporary looking upholstered items suitable for versatile compositions and very comfortable. The soft aspect is thought to merge with the ambience without any rigid or stated borders. The bases are oversized rounded protections in black gum. The upholstery is in skai and is available in several colours.

photo by annacarla granata


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