This blog dedicated to people who like design and following trend. All post from this site was collected from all around the net. I should be very thankful for all of you, if you interested post in here about the new design of interior, furnitures, gadget or anything related to design and creativity. Contact us: Email karmatrendz@gmail.com. TS


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  1. Hey my name is wesley im in Zimbabwe and i want to buy a land so i can bulid some of the houses i saw here so can you help me to find people who do the work and desings here would be really greatful if you help


  2. Press release Eco-friendly 3d wall panels by MyWallArt


    Please take a look at our eco-friendly 3d wall panels on http://www.mywallart.com
    We would like to share this with you and If you need high res pictures please let me know!

    Kind Regards,

    Anthony Lord
    MyWallArt International


  3. HI;
    I’m fairly new to WordPress and I just came across your blog. (and this is my first time posting a comment – hope it works!)

    You’ve got a good eye for design and this is a cool collection. It must also be a lot of work – thanks for compiling it for all of us to enjoy.


  4. Hi Karmatrendz,
    I’m Valentina from a laboratory of architecture in Rimini (Italy), and we were wondering if it possible to send you documents to be published on your blog. Can you please let us know how to. What kind of documentation is required and what is the format you prefer?
    Thank you for the informations.
    Best Regards,

    Valentina Bove


  5. I can use the images of various projects for publication in a journal of architecture?
    What conditions should I consider?


  6. Dear Karmatrendz,

    I hope you’re well?

    My name is James Briley and I’m the co-founder of a London based design consultancy called Depiction Lab.

    We specialise in creating branded environments and worked for clients such as Marvel, Etihad Airways and FIFA. We have recently launched an exciting new concept in the heart of Liverpool One, United Kingdom called The Home Quarter.

    Please go to our website below


    If you would like the images on our website with the press release to go on your blog please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards



  7. Always visit your site but what is the point of having ratings if we can’t search by ratings (and category)?

    If you had it we could quickly see the top entries in a category over time. (The dropdown method you have now isn’t very helpful.)

    And, as before:

    “PLEASE hook up a javascript photo viewer so every photo pops right up, not loads a new page. Much too slow and quickly frustrating as-is. Thanks!”


  8. Dear Karmatrendz,

    My name is Daniel Zhang, and I would like to submit a story for you on a high rise factory made sustainable building project at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. I am an architect just out of college, this is my first project that I participated. You may read the newstread Expo pavilion built in 14 hours. And also visit the website: http://www.differentenergy.net for more photos and videos.



    Expo pavilion built in 14 hours.


  9. Dear Purchaser,

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  10. Hi,
    I am new at blogging and would like to use some of your fantastic posts in my blog as well. I tried using one of your posts in my blog but dont know if this is the correct/easier practice.


    Haven’t been able to re-blog automatically (or dont know how) so please check what i did and let me know if this is OK. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I selected some of your images and then inserted them in my own blog.

    I would REALLY APPRECIATE tips or advice on how to start collecting intresting posts into my blog legally.

    If you think what i did is not OK please let me know and i will re-do it correctly.



      • Thanks for the support! I will certainly add the link to the architect site as well.

        Do you mind if i keep on linking to Australian related posts?

        I would be grateful if you could please let me know that this is OK.

        In advance, MANY THANKS!…and please keep up the excellent posts!!


  11. Hi,
    I run a buisness making bespoke, free form natural edge furniture, I wondered if you would be interested in anything like this for your website and also I have had a link on my website to yours since june last year could you link me to your website please
    many thanks


  12. hello,
    my 5 year old daughter (as well as my other girl & myself) are very fascinated in your blog about modern/unique architecture. we homeschool and i was wondering if you could recommend a photographic book on this subject? i think that it would be a great additon to our little library – inspiring as well. modern architecture is so free-ing of my mind to help me, and the girls, create houses from our imagination – versus what we “see” in the ‘normal’ world. this is what i want to try & capture.
    thank you much & wonderful job on your blog,


    • Hello Jo,
      Thank you for your comment. There’s many books and magazines which contains nice photos, but for the unique design I suggest you to find from the net, it’s more updated and free 🙂

      Say hello to your daughter from me.



  13. Your features are great but PLEASE hook up a javascript photo viewer so every photo pops right up, not loads a new page. Much too slow and quickly frustrating as-is. Thanks!


    • You can send your article to karmatrendz@gmail.com. Your images should be at least 800 x 600 pixel (bigger better), minimum pictures is 6 pcs, complete description of your works too, your article must be related with architecture, interior, art etc and better in modern style. We’ll try to publish asap. Thanks


  14. This blog dedicated to people who like design and foloowing trend. All post from this site was collected from all around the net. I should be very thankful for all of you, if you interested post in here about the new design of interior, furnitures, gadget or anything related to design and creativity.

    For those site where I am collect the stuff…….a big thanks from me.


    • Hi, How are you?

      We are ‘Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity’.

      We are making STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) textbooks for our students and teachers in Korea.

      And because we need a picture from your homepages,

      so I am writting to ask you to usu your pictures in our STEAM textbooks.

      We are waiting for your permission.

      If you accept our request, those textbooks will be published.

      And we will distribute those books to people for free.

      If you don’t accept then we will revise the content immediately.

      If you give me your mail then I will send you a picture what we want to use.

      If you don’t mind, could we use this picture in our textbooks for our futures of science in Korea?

      We really appreciate your concern. We will wait for your reply.

      If you reply before 6/25 then we will be very thankful to you.

      – Mr.Moon, KOFAC –


      • Hi Mr. Moon.
        Are you trying to reach me (www.nerdlypainter.com)? Or the people at Karma trends?

        Karma trends looks like an aggregator, so you would have to find each person they are sharing and ask them individually.

        I (www.nerdlypainter.com) allow use of my images for free academic publication, provided that the name of the artwork, my name and my website are listed near each one (and the images online link back to my website.)


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