Trevose House by A D LAB


From the architect. Situated at a corner junction in a lushly planted residential neighbourhood in Singapore, (more…)

Casa Privata by Bartoletti Cicognani

Quiksilver Showroom by Clemens Bachmann Architekten


From the architect. The starting point for this design concept draws inspiration from the industrial heritage of the building, with its rich history of former occupancies. (more…)

Feature House by Apostrophy’s


From the architect. There are variations in residential design according to environmental and social context that can be effected into residential design. (more…)

Box House II by Massive Order


From the architect. At its core, Box House II has a courtyard layout, with a living space on one side and sleeping quarter on the other side. (more…)

Olga Nur Restaurant by Arquitetos Associados


From the architect. The design for Olga Nur Restaurant is set from the definition of many ambiances with goals to enhance its openness and integration with the street and, at the same time, to promote a clear distinction between an intimate interior, (more…)

Four Seasons House by MORI design


Nice modern contemporary house created by MORI Design, located in Taiwan. (more…)

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