Herba House by Pracownia Projectowa Jakub Sucharski

Text description provided by the architects. The Herba House was located between the river protection zone and the conservator protection zone near the historical center of the city of Torun.


Villa in Ibiza by Reutov Design

Text description provided by the architects. I was inspired to create this project by the nature of the island of Lanzarote in the Canary archipelago.


Sorano Hotel by Curiosity

Text description provided by the architects. SORANO HOTEL is one of main facilities in new-born urban development in Tachikawa city, 30 minutes away from Shinjuku, Tokyo. With the concept of “Wellbeing”, the hotel suggests us a new holiday style, “Wellbeing short trip”, offering health conscious activities. Located in the area adjacent of renown National Park, the luscious green and amazing view are captured in all interior.


House in La Quebrada by Metropolis

Text description provided by the architects. The proposal contemplates the development of a two-story house, plus an independent service pavilion in the basement, taking advantage of the fact that the land has a slope from the entrance upwards.


Cozy White by Creative Group

Text description provided by the architects. Combined with the pure white tone, the design integrated a loft-style layout into the maisonette. It built up a light and warm daily life for the family of four.


Cuartel del Mar Restaurant by More&Co

Text description provided by the architects. With a terrace overlooking the beach of Playa de la Barrosa, a patio with a capacity for 250 people and a restaurant area for 100 diners, El Cuartel del Mar, the new space of Azotea Grupo, is located in an unbeatable location.


Samdal Oreum House by Formative Architects

Text description provided by the architects. The client requested two things in the building which is satisfying mother’s house and accommodation. When we started thinking of mother’s place, we came up with her embracing arms. What reminds mother’s embracing arms in Jeju? Before long, Oreum came to our mind. There are More than 300 Oreums in Jeju and each of them are embracing cored-out center. Warmness in the center, that’s how our project began.


SOFI Natural Cosmetics Shop by Studio AUTORI

Text description provided by the architects. SOFI natural cosmetics is a client studio AUTORI met in 2016 to work on their flagship store in Novi Sad.


Alpha House by Alexis Dornier

Text description provided by the architects. This two-story building is a stack of two distinctive expressions of architectural ideas. The ground floor is articulated as a simple box volume that holds the living room, kitchen, foyer and garage. It acts as the pedestal for the above.


Workshop Ricostruzione – The New Dance School by Mario Cucinella Architects

Architecture and Plan. The new dance school is designed to replace the old building damaged by the earthquake. The building adopts a rectangular plan and is equipped with a fir wood structure and wood veneer. The use of natural materials is conducive to reducing the damage to the environment and protecting the fragile ecosystem after the earthquake.


PR House by DA+S

Text description provided by the architects. Phan Rang is famous for its sunny and windy weather through out the year.


Playstudios HQ by RUST architects

Text description provided by the architects. Playstudios offices, planned and designed by RUST Architects, are located in a complex of three industrial buildings in south Tel Aviv, which served as an exhibition and events hall and an old sewing workshop of Kastiel, Israel’s oldest high-end furniture company. Unlike most of new high-tech offices in Tel Aviv, which are located in new towers, the planning required the design of an existing industrial complex, constructed of beams, concrete pillars, and wide windows that are open to a large inner courtyard with its old tree and climbing plants that are synonymous with the complex.


House of the Big Arch by Frankie Pappas


Marrying sandstone cliff and riverine forest – The Site – The building occupies a unique place in a nature reserve in the Waterberg mountains of South Africa; (more…)

The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort by WOW Architects


The Maldives is most commonly perceived as being a beautiful, pristine, and idyllic paradise destination. (more…)

Garden House by Hayhurst and Co.


Text description provided by the architects. Garden House is a new home, studio and gallery under a ‘hanging-basket’ roof for Whitaker Malem: (more…)

Kisaku Coffee Shop by Seniman Ruang


Text description provided by the architects. Indonesian coffee culture is now rapidly growing, especially in big cities. (more…)

Cantilevered House by eneseis Arquitectura


A privileged location, on the hillside of the Sierra de Bernia in Altea Hills, a mountainous area with astounding views over the bay, (more…)

Moses Bridge by RO&AD Architecten


Text description provided by the architects. The West Brabant Water Line is a defense-line consisting of a series of fortresses and cities with inundation areas in the south-west of the Netherlands. (more…)

B Residence by Sim Ateliers


Text description provided by the architects. Investing in building your residence is a daunting task to have, you have to filter the right architect that will give you the right product to execute. (more…)

SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Store by I IN


Text description provided by the architects. The first flagship store of Shiseido’s skincare brand, FUTURE SOLUTION LX. Under the theme of “turning the mystery of nature into beauty”, (more…)

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