Warner Music UK HQ by Woods Bagot


150327_Warner_Music_UK_HQ_02__r                150327_Warner_Music_UK_HQ_09__r               150327_Warner_Music_UK_HQ_05__r

From the architect. With its broad roster of new stars and legendary artists, Warner Music (WM) is the world’s third-largest recorded music business. It is home to a collection of the best-known record labels in the music industry including Atlantic, East West, Parlophone, Rhino, Warner Bros., Warner Classics and leading music publishers Warner/Chappell Music. (more…)

SilverWoodHouse by Ernesto Pereira


150324_SilverWoodHouse_02                150324_SilverWoodHouse_03                150324_SilverWoodHouse_05

From the architect. “Simply … the SilverWoodHouse … any attempt to adjectives falls short of the ?nal experience of contemplation … congratulations and thanks Ernesto” (more…)

Bang Saray House by Architectkidd


150323_Bang_Saray_House_13__r              150323_Bang_Saray_House_09__r               150323_Bang_Saray_House_07__r

From the architect. Located near the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, this house is formed by the tropical conditions of South East Asia as well as the values of its owners, a Swiss family living in the region. (more…)

Mu-A by Inexdesign


150323_Mu-A_02__r                150323_Mu-A_04__r               150323_Mu-A_09__r

From the architect. In a forest of heavy concrete buildings, turning toward inside of the downtown main road to narrow and dense alleys, located near Yakjeongolmok of Donseongro, center of Daegu, the Korean style dessert cafe Mu-A is a space for time travel with fragrant tea in an alley where modern and contemporary history of Daegu is alive. (more…)

Bray’s Island SC Modern I by SBCH Architects


150223_Brays_Island_SC_Modern_I_02                150223_Brays_Island_SC_Modern_I_03               150223_Brays_Island_SC_Modern_I_05

SBCH Architects has designed Bray’s Island SC Modern I house, located in South Carolina, USA. (more…)

Through House by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design


150320_Through_House_02__r     150320_Through_House_03__r     150320_Through_House_04__r    150320_Through_House_05__r

From the architect. A busy doctor commissioned the renewal of this 128 year-old house to fulfil his desire for a modern and light-filled home with a connection to the outdoors. Situated on a narrow lot in a dense downtown neighbourhood, the renovation of this 135 s.m. residence also aimed to provide increased living space on the interior. (more…)

In Praise of Shadows by Pitsou Kedem Architects


150317_In_Praise_of_Shadows_04                  150317_In_Praise_of_Shadows_05                150317_In_Praise_of_Shadows_07

From the architect. Mass and space combine together in a perforated, weathered steel (Cor-Ten™) structure that creates and sets clear boundaries for the home. The structure regulates the amount of sunlight penetrating the building’s spaces and controls the angle of sight both into and from the building whist creating a controlled, visual dialogue between the inside and the outside. (more…)


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