Bellopuerto Reforma Restaurant by Estudio Atemporal


From the architect. Preserving the essence of its sister house in Polanco, Reforma Bellopuerto integrates in its terrace the experience of the Port of Acapulco. (more…)

S14 House by archicentre


From the architect. A new two storey residential in the existing established suburb of Section 14, Petaling Jaya. The new extension integrates with the existing old structure and trees on site. (more…)

Napoleon Perdis Chapel by Studiobird


From the architect. Napoleon Perdis Chapel is a new flagship for cosmetics icon Napoleon Perdis located on Chapel Street, South Yarra in Melbourne. (more…)

Office in Fremantle by Payne Designs


From the architect. The brief for this job was to repurpose an existing warehouse and create an office space that reflects Fremantle and encourages a fun work culture amongst staff, whilst adhering to a modest construction budget. (more…)

DRA House in Bali by D-Associates


From the architect. Boutique resort and villa design developments on the island of Bali are well-known for their extravagant attempts to stage a lush tropical getaway embellished with reproductions of craftsmanship associated with the exotic ‘Balinese’ atmosphere. Against this backdrop, D-Associates’ pursue of a humble sense of home away from home in Bali is a rare undertaking (more…)

The Hidden House by Israelevitz Architects


Israelevitz Architects has designed The Hidden House, located in Tel Aviv, Israel. (more…)

Ciputra Artpreneur by Benoy


From the architect. Ciputra Artpreneur is one of Jakarta’s latest and most significant cultural venues, uniquely integrated into the top levels of the Ciputra World Jakarta Mall, a commercial landmark located at the heart of the city’s Golden Triangle. (more…)


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