2 Girls Building by Kavellaris Urban Design


From the architect. The 2 Girls Building is a mixed use building that fuses art, photography and architecture. The project explores the relationship between the three disciplines and blurs their respective boundaries resulting in one craft overlapping and appropriating with the characteristics of the others in the form of a new medium. (more…)

House B10 by Werner Sobek Group


From the architect. Active House B10 is part of a research project examining how innovative materials, structural designs and technologies can improve our built-up world in a sustainable manner. (more…)

Groove @ Central World by T.R.O.P + A49 + SDA + FOS


150426_Groove_Central_World_02__r                     150426_Groove_Central_World_03__r                     150426_Groove_Central_World_04__r
From the architect. Try imagine a mega city of 15 millions people and 8 millions vehicles without any proper pedestrian pathway, and you may think that it is impossible. (more…)

Ngamwongwan House by Junsekino Architect and Design


150426_Ngamwongwan_House_02__R                    150426_Ngamwongwan_House_03__R                 150426_Ngamwongwan_House_09__R

From the architect. These words truly portray the potential of an ordinary material; the comprehension of a material which is considered as the petite component that can be composed as the architecture. The initiation of the project with the primary concept that focuses on the curiosity of the most common material, a brick. (more…)

Guilhermina Restaurant by FGMF Arquitetos


150425_Guilhermina_Restaurant_02__r               150425_Guilhermina_Restaurant_03__r                150425_Guilhermina_Restaurant_04__r             150425_Guilhermina_Restaurant_05__r

From the architect. Located in a famous street at the São Paulo bohemian neighborhood Vila Madalena, Guilhermina is a restaurant and rotisserie with a differentiated concept, and is the first enterprise by this group of investors. (more…)

MM House by MM++ architects


150425_MM_House_02__r                  150425_MM_House_16__r                 150425_MM_House_06__r

From the architect. The house is built on a 10m wide and 20m deep plot in a residential suburb district of Saigon. (more…)

House in Playa del Carmen by YUPANA Arquitectos


150424_House_in_Playa_del_Carmen_02                150424_House_in_Playa_del_Carmen_09                150424_House_in_Playa_del_Carmen_03

From the architect. Between Pisco and Chincha Baja there is a major real estate development comprised of weekend houses on the oceanfront, due to the good weather and good accessibility from Lima, which will be consolidated when the new motorway from Lima to Pisco opens in 2016. (more…)


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