Casablancka Residence by Budi Pradono Architects


From the architect. This house is located in Kelating, Tabanan, Bali. The owner named it Casablancka. (more…)


L House by MORI Design


本案位於台中,屬於高樓層的住宅,本身具有良好的視野以及自然採光條件,如何將這些條件充分的展現成為我們思考的主軸 (more…)

Room and Ficus by Cañas Arquitectos


“The landscape is brought close to us by buildings” (more…)

Sberbank Office by IND Architects


‘The City of Opportunities’—that’s how we’ve named our project, one of the storeys of Sberbank’s new office. (more…)

PM House by FGO/Arquitectura


From the architect. Located in the Golf Club La Ceiba in the Yucatan peninsula. (more…)

Katamama by Andra Matin


From the architect. Katamama, the first hotel by PTT Family, the group behind the world-renowned Potato Head Beach Club, gives its parent company a different and bigger canvas to display its creativity and vision. (more…)

Gijang Waveon by Heesoo Kwak and IDMM Architects


From the architect. Gijang near to Busan, port city, the second largest city in Korea, is famous for beautiful scenery of seashore rendered by inspiringly eroded rock, wave of clean seawater and groups of pine trees at a height of about 30 feet. (more…)

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