Sujiva Living by Somia Design Studio


From the architect.

“sujiva” (Sanskrit) means a comfortable life. (more…)

Kahrizak Residential Project by CAAT Studio


When we were offered this project, there were factors such as the location of the project, the problems in the region, the poverty the residents lived in and the Client’s determination to improve the living conditions in Kahrizak that motivated us to find the best solutions possible to build accommodations appropriate to the region’s climate and residents’ culture so as to set an typology of design and construction in the area. (more…)

KOU-AN Glass Tea House by Tokujin Yoshioka


“Tracing the origin of cultures peculiar to Japanese by reinterpreting the culture of tea ceremony” (more…)

T House by Studio Arquitectos


From the architect. Tulum is known for being a place in the Mexican Caribbean recurrently visited by New Yorkers, among other city dwellers from around the world. (more…)

Origami House by Alexis Dornier


From the architect. Folded pavilion structure embracing texture and craft, and confluence of interior and exterior. Various cubic volumes connecting to it in all directions. (more…)

THE HOTEL Room for Ideas Office by ColectivArquitectura


From the architect. Located in Lisbon city center and set in a historic neighborhood that is now one of the most cosmopolitan in the city, the project ‘Paço do Duque’ results from an intervention operated on a set built prior to 1500. (more…)

Modern Home in Israel by Martin Kesel Architects

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