MOLO by Martin Lepej and Michal Riabic

Martin Lepej and Michal Riabic has recently completed a cultural pavilion in Martin, Slovakia. They arrived at their sculptural form using the parametric modeling software, Grasshopper, along with a few curves and set parameters as static input. Follow after the break for a extensive gallery of the final product and design imagery.

Architecture within urban space has the power to attract, guide or motivate. This is the goal of MOLO – culture pavilion for Martin it aims to create opportunities for people to relax, for a community to meet and organize cultural events. We are opening to public a long neglected site in the town center with a contemporary architectural sculpture and creating a space dedicated to culture all at the same time. The open and dynamic design of MOLO pavilion gives everybody the freedom to decide on its use, for a small concert, as an alternative theater, for a summer reading or movie screening.

Architect: Martin Lepej and Michal Riabic
Location: Martin, Slovakia
Designed: 08.2009 – 05.2010
Built: 05.2010 – 07.2010
Budget: 30,000€
Site: 1,000 sqm
Built Surface: 78.5 sqm
General Contractor: MTJ interier
Structural Engineer: Ing. Cyril Klima



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