Zimmern Community Center by Ecker architekten

Zimmern Community Center by Ecker architekten


German architect Ecker architekten has designed a Community Center located in Zimmern, Germany. The project was awarded Beispielhaftes Bauen (2007) and guter Bauten (BDA 2008).

Built to house cultural events in a town with active club membership, this hall also hosts sporting events and seasonal festivals. A composite use required flexibility, durability, and safety. Seating 500, the project houses a youth club, offices for local officials, and the town doctor.

The sectional resolution of the entrance at street level and the main hall four metres below, generates the space. A broad corridor provides access to public facilities, and provides an overview of activities taking place in the hall.

Stairs terminate both ends of this tribune, connecting the upper and lower levels. Food service, storage, green rooms and mechanical areas are housed beneath the entrance block. Code requires that these rooms receive daylight and fresh air.

Concrete sewer culverts mounted at 45 degrees to the foundation walls fulfill environmental requirements and lend a dramatic character to the streetscape. These light cannons are lit for events, signaling activities to the community.

Project: Community Center in Zimmern
Architect: Ecker architekten
Location: Zimmern, Germany
Photographer: Constantin Mayer Photographie, Köln


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