House IV by De Bever Architecten


From the architect. The house is situated on a corner lot in the typical 30’s district ‘de Elzent’ against the natural landscape of the river Dommel valley, in the center of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The existing main house is relatively small in structure, however the lot size is sufficient enough to resist an carefully threaded extension. An extension where extra comfort is added to the existing house. (more…)

The Belly Desk by Steuart Padwick

Seventh House by Hernández Silva Arquitectos


From the architect. The terrain is a flat and raised platform, the house is positioned on a north-south axis generating an extraordinary view towards the west, where almost all views are directed to. (more…)

Kronverk Cinema by Robert Majkut Design


Kronverk Cinema is a leading cinema network on the Russian market. It encompasses 15 cinema theaters in major cities in Russia (including 8 in St. Petersburg) and 1 in Ukraine. (more…)

Office+Showroom for DK by Megabudka


Objective: to design bright multifunctional space convenient for office work, visual for demonstration of interior elements, comfortable for lectures and prepossesing to communication at friendly meetings. (more…)

Plane House by K-Studio


From the architect. Summer in the Greek islands is all about being outside. The aim of the Plane House is to merge internal and external space, maximising the benefits of both and minimising the impact on the surrounding landscape. (more…)

Coffee House by Light 4 Space


Coffee house in Hurbanové sady replaced another small building, disused farm object. Location within the park is boundary, adjacent to the northern entrance of the area and back wing of the near multifunctional and residential construction. (more…)


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