OSRAM is a leading global company in lighting technology with a broad portfolio of products; its determination, emotional instinct and creativity has allowed it to capitalize on the technical achievements of modern digitalization and implement them in its new business model, its success based on confidence in and the professional training of its collaborators. OSRAM is a company prepared to be flexible and accessible, finding that tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit of its collaborators can augment its leadership position and successful performance, creating in its new offices a space that intelligently takes advantage of its flexibility and versatility. The architectural design by SpAce is fundamental for achieving this dynamic from a top tier work environment.

With the initiative of innovation and growth looking toward the future the basis has been established for its sustainable development; without formulas, depending heavily on the philosophy and culture of this organization, SpAce developed together with Osram a unique tailor made design. The design impacts in three dimensions, where emotion incites action, and deepening the neurological connection with the philosophy of the company that leads to a boost in commitment, productivity, efficiency and wellbeing of the entire organization.

The project is on one level, inspired in the configuration of different and flexible spaces in order to have better balance between life, work and technology, with movement and dynamism, which leads us from the lighting, furniture, and floor materials to connecting again with the panels. The main purpose was to generate and create an open and flexible space that feels like an original and comfortable environment, with spaces according to the use, with accessible collaboration areas that generate social learning and innovation, promoting the teamwork that favors the exchange of information and communication equal to equal.

The design idea for this project is to make it extremely versatile, emphasizing its forms of work in strategic points with collaborative spaces, for the connection of emotions through stimulating experiences based on wellbeing. All the spaces of the project speak of this opening and transparency, considering values of the company, concentration, confidentiality and a dynamic environment.

OSRAM embodies the connection between light, culture, society, consumption and entertainment which are elements that define the fluid chaos of life in the city, projecting this from the reception where a visual code reflecting the identity of the brand is projected giving a changing rhythm to the entire place, surpassing the barriers of what is common, functional and normal; tossing out two and three dimensional lines zigzagging above and below flowing through walls, panels, glass and carpets in multiple points of view geometrically linked.

The lighting as an essential part of any architectural project adds qualities to the different spaces, the same place changes its nature radically depending on the manner of lighting it and it affects both moods and visual experiences. The play of lights makes it possible to give it a playful nature, define pathways, color or dramatize textures and relief. The architectural design of this company was the opportunity to create a place to observe with different eyes, connect with more people, create different environments that reinforce productivity, comfort, wellbeing and commitment to the brand.

The performance expectations, task completion, individual development plans and general progress will gradually increase as a result of the configuration of the space, converting it into an effective instrument in an environment based on the user mimicking it with the corporate image. With an open and flexible realignment, communication, teamwork and concentration on strategic environments, OSRAM is today in excellent form to confront the challenges of the digital age and maintain its position on top of the technology multinationals based on the light of the future. SpAce, by understanding the needs of OSRAM has designed a space that undoubtedly becomes a competitive tool for the organization.

Architectural design: SPACE, Juan Carlos Baumgartner, Sinuhé Vera Montes de Oca
Design team: Marcos Aguilar Flores, Luis Corona
Lighting: LUA
Project date: December 2016
Location: 1ro de mayo Avenue, San Andres Naucalpan, Mexico
Contractor: ATXK
Furniture: STEELCASE
Area: 460.00M2
Web page: http://www.spacemex.com
Photography: Paul Czitrom


















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