Quiet Home by MORI design

161102_Quiet Home_01__r

Pure is the first impression we give to this space.

In the building material handling part, we kept the original state of plastering, rugged Architectural concrete as the background, and removed the excess decoration.

All the memory of life will be left a series recording, along with the process of forming space.

The main idea is make the daily life really occur in this space. Foreliminating the shadow from the rectangular space, we chose French window and glass door to make the boundaries of the living room and the study room. Also, lead the natural light into these two spaces.
We found more efficient ways of utilizing the differences of internal and external light, so that the visual could be guided to theoutside of the scenery as a green picture.

While sitting in this space, just like immerse in a palace of art.

Finally, we drew up a smooth traffic flow in the middle axle of the space.

As soon as coming home, you are in the exhibition space. You can settle down on the bench to give your mind a rest.Then, the feeling can be extended to the living room and affect the living conditions.This is life style belongs to you.
To achieve a state of mental and physical soothing is our greatest expectation.

Architects:夏沐森山設計整合  MORI design
Location:Yun-Lin County ,Taiwan
Design team: TsenYeh Chang, Chin Ling Chang
Area: 274sqm
Project Year:2016
Light design: 夏沐森山設計整合MORI design
Interior design: 夏沐森山設計整合MORI design

161102_Quiet Home_01__r

161102_Quiet Home_02__r

161102_Quiet Home_03__r

161102_Quiet Home_04__r

161102_Quiet Home_05__r

161102_Quiet Home_06__r

161102_Quiet Home_07__r

161102_Quiet Home_08__r

161102_Quiet Home_09__r

161102_Quiet Home_10__r

161102_Quiet Home_11__r

161102_Quiet Home_12__r

161102_Quiet Home_13__r

161102_Quiet Home_14__r

161102_Quiet Home_15__r

161102_Quiet Home_16__r

161102_Quiet Home_17__r

161102_Quiet Home_18__r

161102_Quiet Home_19__r

161102_Quiet Home_20__r

161102_Quiet Home_21__r

161102_Quiet Home_22__r

161102_Quiet Home_23__r

161102_Quiet Home_24__r

161102_Quiet Home_25__r

161102_Quiet Home_26__r




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