Olga Nur Restaurant by Arquitetos Associados


From the architect. The design for Olga Nur Restaurant is set from the definition of many ambiances with goals to enhance its openness and integration with the street and, at the same time, to promote a clear distinction between an intimate interior, with special lighting, and an informal exterior – tables by the sidewalk and sheltered spaces with fabric pergolas -, inviting people who stroll in Lourdes – where the best bars and restaurants of Belo Horizonte are placed – to come in.

The restaurant’s design is composed by few materials: wood, black lacquer, building steel rods and glass. In opposition to a strict color pallet inside, the outside allows a colorful experience, with orange chairs, wood and different fabrics.

However, the most important element would probably be the roof made of almost 80,000 wood pendants, whose waves create diverse perceptions of space, seemingly to an inverted topography.

The project includes as well the furniture design of steel rods shelves and wine cellar and Olga high wooden bench, in pinus.

Architects: Arquitetos Associados
Location: Belo Horizonte – State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Architect in Charge: Carlos Alberto Maciel, Paula Zasnicoff
Area: 160.0 sqm
Project Year: 2015
Collaborators: Gabriel Nardelli, Isabella Flach Gomes, Luiz Gustavo Pataro, Mariana de Paula, Matheus Cardoso
Lighting: Gilza Carvalho
Construction: Rodrigo Fulgêncio – R. Fulgêncio Engenharia; TLV Solution; TLV WoodWork
Photographs: Gabriel Castro














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