Yue Restaurant by PANORAMA


150414_Yue_Restaurant_02__r                  150414_Yue_Restaurant_03__r                  150414_Yue_Restaurant_08__r

From the architect. This is a fine dining restaurant located in a newly opened boutique hotel in Chengdu China that serves Asian fusion food and wine.

The project brief required construction of a new built structure to form extension to the existing building to provide indoor and semi-indoor dining areas for holding different catering functions to the hotel users.

Inspired by traditional landscape painting, an abstracted landscapewas created to reflect the nature of the Asian fusion cuisine served. Under the new steel and glass canopy, a secondary envelope in timber was created to form enclosure to the semi-indoor area and connect the original indoor part. The undulated ceiling-cum-wall panels with slot openings allow daylight penetration yet prevent high heat gain to the whole area.

Open-plan seating pattern surrounding mobile buffet tables provide flexibility of layout during breakfast and special events. Full-height glass pivot doors further dissolve the boundary between indoor and outdoor area. Subtle atmospheric change of the two dining areas was created by transition of key materials from timber to brass.

Landscape-themed local artist works including suspended birds-like feature in white ceramics and LED wall relief in recycle paper were respectively introduced to add artistic flavour to the dining experience.

Architects: PANORAMA
Location: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Design Team: Horace Pan, Nick Wong, Kenny Hung
Area: 500.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Ng Siu Fung



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