FT House by Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados


150412_FT_House_02__r                   150412_FT_House_03__r                   150412_FT_House_05__r

From the architect. In this holiday and weekend home in Sao Paulo, a steep terrain and a nice view were the main elements defining the location and volume of the project.

The southwest side of the house concentrates all circulation and vehicle access to connect the huge gap that characterizes the house due to its rich volume, with few openings.

On the other hand, to the northeast and northwest with a nice view of the countryside, is where the house opens with large glass panes and balconies facing towards the courtyard pool and leisure areas.

The structure of the basement and ground floor was designed in concrete and load bearing walls clad in stone. The upper floor, which houses the bedrooms, is all laminated wood frame and covered by metal acoustic tiles.

According to the best views of the northwest side, the project proposes large wooden lattice panels with steel frame that are flexible and can open or close entirely according to the requirements.

The proposal to design the entire top floor in a precast wood structure with a metal roof followed some guidelines of lightness that we wanted for the three floors, even on a site with a steep slope. Thus we define two very strong horizontal slabs, identifying the collective social areas with exposed concrete and intimate areas with wood.

Architects: Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados
Location: Bragança Paulista – SP, Brasil
Architecture: Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados
Project Architects: Henrique Reinach e Maurício Mendonça
Coordinator: Victor Gonçalves
Project Area: 966.0 m2
Project Year: 2014
Collaborators: Tony Chen, Camila Osele, Fernanda Almeida, Flora Fujii, Luena Vettorazzo, Raquel Gonçalves, Silvia Mori, Venâncio Alves, Flávia Henriques, Manuel Tojal, Guilherme Nakata, Lucas Ferreira, Lucas Pohl, Maira Cordeiro, Rosa Cotta, Flavia Garofalo
Interiors: Andrea Castanheira
Landscape: André Paoliello Paisagistas Associados
Lighting: Foco Luz e Desenho
Structure: Benedicts Engenharia
Wood Roofing: Ita Construtora
Electrical And Plumbing: Pessoa e Zamaro
Construction: LTC Construções
Site Survey: Ação Engenharia
Suppliers: Marcenaria: Marcenaria Ono; Mobiliário Planejado: Florense; Painéis treliçados de madeira: Esquadrias Gaiotto; Esquadrias de Madeira: Esquadrias GaiottoMármores e granitos: Asti Mármores; Parede de Pedras: Pedras Capricórnio; Piso de madeira: Umuarama Madeiras; Revestimento Piscina: Palimanan, pedra Hijau; Luminárias: Lumini – Sala de Jantar: pendente Cooper Shade do Tom Dixon; Cubas de aço inox: Mekal; Churrasqueira: Wolf; Lareira e Coifas: Ventar; Balcão Refrigerado: Scaravelli e Savioli; Louças e Metais Sanitários: Deca; Coberturas de Vidro, Box e Espelhos: Tostem Glass; Revestimento externo – material: Forro e lambri de cumaru, concreto e pedra; Interruptores, tomadas de energia e espelhos: Pial Plus; Implantação do jardim: Irrigar; Equipamentos Sauna e Isolação Térmica: Lazer Saunas; Tratamento em concreto aparente: LTC Construções; Cobertura Metálica: Ananda Telhas; Caixa D’água: Sanderinox; Terraplanagem: Leardini e França
Site Area: 3002 m²
Photographs: Nelson Kon



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