EPV House by AHL architects associates


150328_EPV_House_02__r             150328_EPV_House_04__r         150328_EPV_House_07__r         150328_EPV_House_09__r

From the architect. EPV is a semi-detached house located in Ecopark Green Urban Area, Vietnam. Ecopark is known as a new green urban area with a lot of ancient trees, low building density and the house seems to be hided behind the trees. Client want a house to rest, relax on every weekend.

The rule is architect can only intervene the inner spaces, not to change the outside perspective to avoid affecting of general landscape of the area.

The existing characteristics of the project (location, demand) was the basis point for architect oriented their design ideas : pure, simple and abit rustic with delicate details.

Ground floor layout is changed to bring more comfort and fit new demands. Side terrace is connected to the living space inside by using slide and fold door system.

A big void has been created in the middle of space bringing better connectivity between spaces (horizontal and vertical). Two wooden fin blocks are released into space, becoming the focal point of the house. This wooden block is folded from wall (2nd floor) to ceiling (1st floor) and also help to hide all technical system on 1st ceiling.

Dining table located under the void, receiving maximum natural light and ventilation from outside.

Polished concrete, cement wall, bamboo, and solid wood for interior furniture are the main materials exploit throughout the project. Finishing materials is rustic but delicate details

Finally, Client had a weekend house with open spaces, quiet and really relaxed. That’s the point we want!

Architects: AHL architects associates
Location: Xuân Quan, Van Giang, Hung Yên, Vietnam
Architects In Charge: Hung Dao, Hoang Nguyen
Area: 160.0 sqm
Site Supervisor: Nguyen Nhu Ve
Natural Wood Contractor: Gia Long Interior
Laminated Wood Contractor: VietDC Interior
Photographs: Hoang Le



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