The Cloud by a21studio


150313_The_Cloud_02__r               150313_The_Cloud_03__r                 150313_The_Cloud_05__r

From the architect. “The Cloud” is a small restaurant with a capacity of 60 guests, located on the top of the hill in I-resort, Nhatrang, Vietnam.

The making of “the cloud” is beginning to take shape from the experience of years working on the sites, where we have found that the construction process usually comes with many different inconveniences, from complicated schedules, resource treatments to construction methods. Moreover, noise and dust are the most annoying things to the surrounding environment.

Since then, we try to change our ways of thinking from design approaches to construction methods by simplifying our thoughts, taking advantages of available resources at the site or nearby with the minimum treatments.

There is one good thing of “the cloud” is that it succeeds the materials and our experiences from 5 year working in I-resort. Instead of adjusting woods to specific modules, we decided to keep the whole logs, reduce the acts of trimming or modifying; together with using the existing modules, then arrange them into a traditional beam frame, which is usually employed by carpenters as wood stands.

A big lantern, with a light metal frame covered by colorful canvas, has played as not only a main light source for the whole restaurant but also a roof that protect guests from rain and sun. Moreover, this colorful light becomes the landmark of the resort when being observed from the city, just over the river.

In addition, surface stone slabs, which are popular on the fields of local stone and usually smashed to pieces after its main body is trimmed, are also cashed in on. These slabs were brought to the site, simply installed with an old boat covering the top of the bar. With this structure, we have also eased the process of building foundation, which is usually complicated and taken a large amount of project cost.

By the cloud, we would like to change our way of thinking from the design approaches, the construction process may become faster, reduce wastes and unpleasant to surrounding while still expressing the ideas of its materials.

Architects: a21studio
Location: Natural Heritage Area Trang, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
Area: 126.0 sqm
Year: 2015
Photographs: Courtesy of a21studio



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