Holy Fox Café by Mikhail Kozlov


150228_Holy_Fox_Cafe_04__r                150228_Holy_Fox_Cafe_05__r               150228_Holy_Fox_Cafe_04__r

From the architect. Holy fox is a bar and restaurant with a perfect location in the very center of Moscow — situated in the downtown neighborhood of kitay-gorod not far from the Red Square. The place is inspired by traditions of the eastern culture and cuisine — the name celebrates the main character of Asian myths, the fox occasionally turning into a woman.

The fox motives can be found all over the place: in the menu (all the cocktails are named after famous foxes from the legends) and in the interior — with bright pattern screens on the wall and expressive calligraphical graffiti on the wall.

??The structure of Holy Fox can be divided in 3 parts — with the bar near the entrance, loungy section with long sofa in the center of the room and then an open kitchen with a communal table for those guests that wish to talk to the chief and experience with the food a little bit.

The interior is the mix of strict Scandinavian minimalism and fresh Asian accents in decorative artworks — including holy fox screens, panels with the crazy Japanese chief, various lightings fixtures. The same concept can be found in the menu of the place — simple dishes with fresh Asian accents, sophisticated cooking, sauces and herbs.

??The interior of Holy Fox, created by co-owner and architect Mikhail Kozlov, is one that has a distinct international style The place is created with the use of simple building materials — paneling of plywood, metal, plaster. Artworks were created specially for the place — the historical gravure of Japanese chief was printed on the steel, and ornamental foxes were printed upon flax tissue.

Placed between ornamental screens and plywood screens on the opposite wall, glass plates are expanding the space and adding a definitive oriental touch to the space.???

Architects: Mikhail Kozlov
Location: Kitay-Gorod, Moskva, Russia, 101000
Architect In Charge: Mikhail Kozlov
Area: 170.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Frank Herfort


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