Adaptable Sneaker Boutique by UP


140121_Adaptable_Sneaker_Boutique_01          140121_Adaptable_Sneaker_Boutique_04__r        140121_Adaptable_Sneaker_Boutique_06__r

From the architect. Designed in Brooklyn, engineered in Lexington and digitally fabricated in LA, this custom display system allows for the client to easily create multiple configurations as needed.

Beginning with a simple interaction on Instagram, an LA sneaker boutique hired the UP studio to design a new space from their Brooklyn studio. After developing the concept, and presenting via Skype, the millwork was digitally engineered by a fabricator in Lexington, KY. The team was then able to have the pieces cut and assembled to spec in an LA shop and installed on-time and on-budget.

Authentix is a custom sneaker boutique designed to create flexibility.The display of product was centralized and broken down into five 8′ x 8′ units. Each unit rotates 360 degrees allowing the space to be easily customized.Each unit is skinned to allow for storage while maintaining display areas in the optimum shopping zone.

With the display being centralized, the perimeter walls are free for local artists to display their work.The skin is based on the Golden Section.The custom, modern cabinets are juxtaposed against the raw, historic space.The custom cabinets orientated in one of it’s unique display options.A diagram of the display being centralized and broken down into individual rotating units.

Architects: UP
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Concept, Architecture, Design & Motion Graphics : UP
Area: 1860.0 ft2
Year: 2014
Client : Authentix
Millwork : MakeTime
Additional Renderings : Tzion Kromba
Photographs: Carlton Beener



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