AR Vinhos by Paulo Martins Arq&Design


From the architect. Based on minimalistic and pure lines, this wine house project, located in Aveiro, is characterised by a plane that is at the center of the design, which flows around the entire space.

141225_AR_Vinhos_02__r                   141225_AR_Vinhos_04__r                    141225_AR_Vinhos_09__r                    141225_AR_Vinhos_08

Following a gardened furniture at the entrance of the space (which is an allusion to the vineyards), the focal point becomes the flowing plane, which guides the eye through the space, passing by the exhibited wine bottles, and ending at the main counter desk.

The wine house is divided in two floors: the top floor with a more private space, where wine tasting and workshops can be conducted, and the ground floor dedicated to the comercial activity of the shop.

Architects: Paulo Martins Arq&Design
Location: Aveiro, Portugal
Area: 70.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Collaborators: Sílvia Ferreira
Used Materials: mdf, gesso cartonado, cerâmico, aço
Video: Daniela Costa
Photographs: Ana Tavares



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