From the architect. The Terra Esperanza mixed use project is located in Guatemala and will house businesses, offices and homes located on rectangular site with an area of 1,600 m2.

The architectural design seeks to reintegrate the human scale by setting back the building boundaries, giving the project an access plaza covered by the higher levels and providing pedestrian access only through a portico entrance that serves as a structural support for the building.

The design of the volume and the combination of materials for facades, volcanic stone on the base and brick in the upper volume, give the building a sense of two overlapping bodies, in turn generating areas for terraces and gardens on the ground floor, which together with two upper levels located in different parts of the building, offer users spaces for recreation and contemplation.

El diseño de la volumetría y la combinación de materiales en fachadas, piedra volcánica en su base y ladrillo en el volumen superior, dan al edificio la sensación de 2 cuerpos sobrepuestos, generando a su vez áreas de terrazas y jardines en Planta Baja, que junto con dos niveles superiores ubicados en diferentes partes del edificio, ofrecen a los usuarios espacios de esparcimiento y contemplación.

Additionally, the project has LEED Gold certification in the Core & Shell category, through the implementation of different technologies and design elements.

Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Architects In Charge: Víctor Legorreta, Miguel Almaraz, Adriana Ciklik, Carlos Vargas, Miguel Alatriste
Associated Architect: Edificios Verdes de México
Project Area: 12800.0 m2
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: Ange Bourda



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