CR House by CoA Arquitectura


From the architect. The house has a closed facade, as it turns inwards.

It is set in an L-shaped scheme, separating the main volume into the social area, main bedroom, and services, and the secondary volume into the cars, a studio and two bedrooms.

We take advantage of the existing slope to set the garage half-buried, and to generate different levels between the two levels.

The main volume is designed with a spatial sequence that leads at first from the curbside to a portico entrance, separating the social area through a vegetated courtyard and a window.

The gap between the volumes, enclosed by an iron and glass lattice, houses the main staircase and introduces natural light to the central hall.

The materiality provides a structural clarity to the house: a pair of volumes perched on a plinth and exposed concrete walls, one of which continuous as a ribbon beyond the space of the living room to confine the courtyard garden at the center and serve as a background to the terrace.

The volumes are predominantly closed and only perforated to allow both views as well as light entries, sifted through intermediate spaces, thus looking for a plastic expressiveness, intimacy of interior spaces, and sunlight protection.

At all times, we seek a great presence for the warmth of the wood, in contrast the rest of the materials, cladding the interior surfaces of the volumes where they were excavated.

The terrace is located in contrast to the living-dining room, structured simply in consonance with the house.

The vegetation is a fundamental part of the project, generating diverse atmospheres in each of the spaces, and achieving its greatest splendor in the main space: the courtyard garden.

Architects: CoA Arquitectura
Location: Zapopan, JAL, Mexico
Project Area: 413.0 m2
Project Year: 2014
Project Team: Francisco Gutiérrez Peregrina (CoA arquitectura), Álvaro Gutiérrez García-Parra (PAAC), Diego Torres Guízar (TAAB)
Construction: CoA arquitectura, Diego Torres Guízar (TAAB)
Collaborators: Raúl Miranda, Saraí Chávez, Andrea Costales, Alberto Avilés, Juanluís Ulate
Photographs: Francisco Gutiérrez Peregrina / Fábrica de arquitectura


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