Commercial Spaces in Ordaz by T3arc


From the architect. In an old house with extensive grounds and with two entrances, taking into account the location of existing trees and orientation, we project a small building with commercial areas for rent. With little budget, we decided to split and take over the garden (on the edge of higher vehicular influx) about 400 square meters.

On the ground floor, we divided the modular structure to produce three commercial spaces of equal size, double height (for attics) and with the possibility to be rented together (what has happened with the Café currently there).

Upstairs is an achitecture studio, approximately 200 m2. The overall structure is concrete frames, slabs, and prestressed girders. In general, we sought a simple and economic architecture that would allow rapid construction and better use of the exterior space.

The most important challenge was to create a new garden for the house that was not affected by the building, which is in total 8 meters high. So we divided the garden with a local stone wall, and divided its height with a lattice wall that also allows for ventilation and indirect lighting on the upper level.

The garden remains with a very good dimension, while our building seems to be there from the beginning. A line of trees in front of the site protects the building from the sun while allowing us to take advantage of the low area and exterior space with terraces. The building is lost in context and offers a breath to the street which has continuous sidewalks and shares its trees with the neighbors.

Architects: T3arc
Location: Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
Project Architects: T3arc, Alfredo Cano Briceño
Construction: T3arc, Alberto Campos
Structures: Alejandro Solano
Project Area: 440.0 m2
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Luis Gordoa



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