OlmO ! Spiral staircase by Jo-a


Jo-a has created a sculpture spiral staircase.

A staircase, a sculpture or a clever storage system ? What if it were all three at once ? The reactions are unanimous : once you have seen this spiral staircase, all you can say is “Wow !” Hanging from a steel casket integrated into your ceiling, an assembly of hardwood storage blocks descends in a spiral to the lower level to form a staircase. The structure that is formed by the stacked wooden cases creates a frame that is surprisingly rigid and stable. Each case is a display case in which to present the objects that you care about and want to put on show. Another surprising detail is the passage of light from one floor to the other. The staircase is detached from the rest in order to better stand out.

from Sébastien Boucquey:

The idea came to me from when watching the fruit of the sycamore tree as it turned in the breeze. We knew that our spiral staircase would be rigid, but not to this extent. The first time we installed it we couldn’t get over how solid it was. Fastened to a casket attached to the ceiling of the upper floor, we assembled it step by step, going down around its axis. It was magical. One metre from the ground, it was already impressively rigid, and it hadn’t even been attached to the floor.

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