Rumah Bidang Jakarta by Raul Renanda Design


From the architect. This is a house where tropical meets modern style in Jakarta. The house sits on the flat 1500 sqm land in a residential area. The house consists of two zones; the main zone is the house and the other is a pavilion, both face a large swimming pool.

The exterior was inspired by mid century modernism which somehow also influenced some early Indonesian architects, so there is still a contextual design style based on some early modern architecture that was build more than 50 years ago. The pitched roof extends 8 meters cantilever. Underneath it is a master bedroom. Next to it is a box with a huge window for the main living room. In the middle is the low flat roof where a small bedroom connects the two different roof styles.

The design concept for this project is a split two level area that appears in the facade to create the illusion of a floating floor. Walls act like separation from structure; there’s no specific distinction between the indoor area and the outdoor to create sense of big space. The building has strong line geometric an appearance to make the design looks light and floating.

As function there are four bedrooms in this house, one on the first floor and three on the second floor. The first floor interior concept is an open layout with the main living room, dining room, pantry and a wine room- all facing the inner fishpond.

The pavilion design is homage to Phillip Johnson’s glass house. The intention is to allow local young architect students and architecture lovers in Indonesia to start understanding the beauty of early modern architecture style. Below the pavilion there’s an open deck area that faces the swimming pool area.

The staircase design connects the open area and the pavilion, and appears detached between the metal structure staircase and the lower part of the timber and stone stairs. There is a gap between these two elements to create a unique design.

Raul Renanda is not only designing the exterior and the interior but also some furniture and lighting fixtures. Furniture includes the TV cabinet, wall cabinet, dining table, bed, writing desk for each room while the architect also designs the 1200mm diameter hall lamps.

He also creates all the paintings, which compliment the interior of the house. The dominant red from his paintings made the interior feel alive a vibrant contrasting with plywood wall finish. The materials used in this project are simple material that easily found in Indonesia. The tiles are marble for the first floor and solid timber parquet for the second floor. The wall is mainly white paint brick wall, while some areas are covered with plywood.

The ceiling is also made from plywood and other areas use gypsum. The rest is metal and glass. The Window mainly uses the aluminium frame, while some of it, especially at the main hall with large glass uses the custom steel frame.

The garage area and the main deck area separated with ventilation brick that also custom design by the architect, painted in gunmetal grey.

Architects: Raul Renanda Design
Location: Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
Architect In Charge: Raul Renanda
Area: 850.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Design Team: Prana Prawidya, Ari Wibowo, Suyoto, Subagio, Ratno, Suryanto
Photographs: Courtesy of Raul Renanda Photography



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