Rabbit’s Tale by t!dtangstudio


From the architect. Rabbit’s Tale, one of the most enthusiastic and fast-growing digital marketing agency based in Bangkok, required t!dtangstudio to create a unique office that gives a sense of modernity. First, we figured out that the area, which is a former two-stories penthouse, is limited by the spiral stairs setting in the heart of the space. We then decided to use this staircase to centralize the rest limited space altogether.

Another interesting area is a creative space that drives creativity and encourages people to feel fresh and lively. This space will be a place for some casual meeting as well. From the client brief, the stepping seating was ultimately picked up as the main idea since people can comfortably sit cross-legged or lay down to the most convenient posture as they like. We also carefully selected the high table to set at the corner of the room as a space for lunch and tea break time.

Behind floor-to-celing bookshelf of creative space, there is an arterial line of the rabbits hiding inside. That thing is a server room which needs to be kept out of sight. Not only that, but there is also another secret room behind the large black metal wall. This room was designed for official meeting purposes and can contain 6 to 8 people with 300-inch projector.

On the 2nd floor where is the main working area, there are a lot of digital pixel-like cabinets setting around the top of the staircase. Each square unit was designed to be moveable and fitted in any socket as if a digital piece of art. In this area, we selected a brighter color to create all-day morning sunlight in order to make the workers feel like jumping up from the burrow onto the ground as well as being energetic and productive just like a rabbit all day long.

Architects: t!dtangstudio
Location: 20th floor, Piya Place, Phloen Chit, Bangkok, Thailand, 10330
Design Team: Pattakorn Thanasanaksorn, Pornplom Krasaeyarn
Main Contractor: Saran Navaraj
Area: 260.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Ketsiree Wongwan



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