1305 Studio Office by 1305 Studio


From the architect. Located in Shikumen building in Jingan District, Shanghai, 1305 studio office is set to be the space with multi creative functions. The space acts not only for architecture, interior or graphic design, but also for lots of other purposes, fashion show, art exhibition, cocktail lounges, professional lectures, etc. With the interest of Shanghai Lane Culture, the architects tried to make this 300 m2 space into a harmonious combination of tradition and modern. The result turns out that it was not a bad attempt.

The language of the space is the box. Boxes lying around, either piled up or separated freely, and it makes the space of unlimited possibilities. People in the space can easily find a way to adapt and communicate properly, and share joy with others.

The concept of this design was inspired by a glass cup. The temporary living space is just as a glass cup without the so-called “space border”, but with many limitless possibilities. Just as “a glass of water,” when it falls into the water, on the contrary it will get limitless possibilities. Putting different substances into the cup will have a new name, may be “a glass of milk, juice, beer” or others.

“Work Space” Work space is just Like a cup of water, when we work in this “cup”, we can see the so-called desks, file cabinets, etc. But for both the desk and file cabinets, designers designed space accurately, so that it could free combine, to meet the demands over the next five years or even 10 years later. “Party Space” Every weekend, the office space becomes an entirely different place. It may use the front desk into a cool DJ counter, or a counter with all kinds of drinks, 7 meter-long Screen shows various psychedelic images.

“T station” Designers design T station with wooden box. At weekends, people can together with friends hold a small fashion show. “Art exhibition” At weekends, when the office space is no longer a working space, but turns into an exhibition hall or an art exhibition. “The library” when all the bookshelves are folded, it will turns into small library. “speech” Two white wooden supports of different modulus can turn into a speech sitting stool. It could meet a small speech with about 50-100 people.

The wooden box, which is made of oak, has storage capabilities. Through repeated calculations, designers can design the boxes of accurate size. The accurate size enables the space to show different functions. The heights of them are 15cm and 30cm. They can free combine and superpose. They could be superimposed to 45cm, 60cm, 75cm or 90cm and so on. The open direction of the wooden door both considering spatial variability, also considering the privacy. The shelves could be divided into units with a width of 15cm and 30cm, stagger superposed, to increase the stability, in the meanwhile, in consideration of the circulations, environment protection, and sustainable development, the traditional lockers and bookshelves could be divided into small units.

Architects: 1305 Studio
Location: Changhua Road, Xuhui, Shanghai, China
Corporate Identity: SHEN QIANG
Area: 306.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Shen Photography



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