Art’otel by ADP Architects


From the architect. The Art’otel Amsterdam recently opened its doors, this hotel and lifestyle venue blends design, art, and hospitality in a startling new way. Located opposite Amsterdam’s Central Station in a beautiful monumental office the Art’otel combines a unique architectural style with modern art inspired interiors. The transformation was the result of a collaboration of ADP architecten and Digital Space and provided the city centre with a new cultural hotspot.

The monumental building, dating from the early twentieth century had been one of the most expensive buildings built in Amsterdam at that time. A century later, however, it had become functionally and technically outdated. For the Art’otel the trick was to maintain and restore most of the exterior like the monumental facades and some monumental interior aspects while further completely renewing and renovating the interior. ADP was responsible for the basics; the lay-out, structure and organization of the project. Their idea to use the building for cultural ends as well led them to change the building construction so to create a wide exposition area within the basement. Along with the restaurant, run by Lifestyle Venue 5&33, this part of the building is publically accessible. The upper floors contain over a hundred high-end hotel rooms. These different parts of the building are thematically joint by the art of Atelier Van Lieshout, the signature artist of the Art’otel. “Enjoying art and the art of enjoying” is the theme that pulls everything together.

The establishment of the Art’otel Amsterdam fits right in with the city government’s plans to upgrade the area around central station. As such, it is assigned as one of its key projects. It is the combination of interior, art, and architecture that is to give a maximum positive impulse to the urban environment.

The Art’otel got awarded both the Best Hotel Design 2013 award and the Best Restaurant Design 2013 award.

Architects: ADP Architects
Location: Prins Hendrikkade 33, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Design Team: Wim Woensdregt, Erikjan Cuperus
Interior Architecture: Digital Space
Area: 6,500 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Gerard van Beek



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