Beton Restaurant by Yunakov architects


The restaurant is made in the loft style. With all the attributes of the industrial trend, such as concrete structures and surfaces, rusted metal and glass. The effect of rusty metal is very popular in Europe, and can be seen in different forms from sculptures to facing facades.

Entrance lobby – is the representative card of any institution, and in the restaurant “Beton” it presented as a composition of horizontal signboard (made of concrete slabs with thickness of 20 mm and it should be noted  that  technology of making such concrete thickness was developed specially  for this project) and vertical 7 meters  stele made of rusty metal.

The space of the restaurant is divided into 4 zones. A general room with a bar, hookah – karaoke room, VIP room, and a children’s room. All rooms organically complement each other not only in function but also in style.  “Cold” items of the loft style smooth ash wooden surface with active texture, landscaping, colored textiles, and warm lighting.

The main emphasis of the restaurant:
– Rusty curtain that separates the entrance lobby and bathrooms;
– The glass partitions –  to protect  them, on their surface were inserted  prints of restaurant’s interior  drawings;
– Complex cellular wood ceiling which hides engineering;
– The wall in the hookah room  is made of wooden blocks of different sizes, which  also has a  function of a karaoke  sound trap;
– The bar counter and bar rack (made of concrete and rusty metal)

Architects: Yunakov architects
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Design Team: Yunakov Ivan, Karpov Andrey, Yaroslav Katrich
Area: 860 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Oleg Stelmah / Electraua



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