Residence Bemmel by Maxim Winkelaar + Bob Ronday


From the architect. The wish of this client was a white contemporary minimalistic residence in combination with an office space. Architects Maxim Winkelaar and Bob Ronday made a design that exactly suits the wishes of the client.

The house consists of two floors. The ground floor consists of two rectangular volumes, the smaller rectangular volume is rotated 90 degrees. Glazed window frames are the connection between the two rectangular volumes which is the entrance of the residence and contains an atrium to the upper floor. The large rectangular volume is designed as a loft principle. It is a large open space of 120 m2 which contains the kitchen with bar, dining area, living room and cinema room. In the smaller rectangular volume is the master bedroom with en-suite wellness bathroom (sauna, steam, jacuzzi etc.) and large walk in closet. In the same volume is also the garage with utility room. Both volumes are close to the large porch at the rear of the building which is the hart of the house. The porch with a width of 10 meters strengthened the inside-out relationship.

On the first floor is an office with roof terrace. Also on this floor are two guest bedrooms and bathroom. The office can easily transform into a living room. This allows that the entire top floor can be an independent apartment as well in the future.

Sustainable aspects
The plan and functions of the residence is organised to make the maximum use of passive solar energy. The outside walls and roof are thickened in order to get more thermal mass. The property has got a heat pump in combination with a heat recovery system. On the flat roof are solar panels. Next to the house is a natural swimming pond with natural wetland so that the water quality remains optimal without applications of electricity and toxins.

Architects: Maxim Winkelaar + Bob Ronday
Location: Bemmel, The Netherlands
Area: 335 sqm
Year: 2011
Contractor: Frank Janssen Bouw
Kitchen And Wellness: Hans Buis Keukens
Engineer: JVZ Constructies
Site Area: 1,200 sqm
Photographs: Chiel de Nooyer



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