Manquehue Clinical Center of Clínica Alemana by Marcela Quilodran B + Gustavo Greene W


From the architect. The new Clinical Center of Clinica Alemana is defined as a modern building. The architecture has simple lines, fine materials, and elements of a sustainable architecture. Its implementation uses high efficiency and the latest technology.

This new medical center has its main entrance in Avenida Manquehue (eastward), facing the existing facade of the Clínica Alemana Diagnostic Tower. Both buildings achieve consistency since the new design took over the architectural language of the previous building in a contemporary way.

The 6- floor Manquehue Oriente building comprises a 4-level crystal box on top of a smaller 2-floor structural modular system (also crystal) with this latter providing a very large double height

The facades of the new building interact in different ways with the outside by forming horizontal brise tiles that are being thick or dense, depending on the sun exposure. The rectangular box made of glass has two holes, shaping two indoor gardens. To the south, the water garden and in the north side, the land garden. Arround them, the two main areas of the clinic take place, thus, natural light is brought inside, incorporating comfort and allowing significant energy savings.

The Manquehue Oriente building, manages to be functional to the requirements of a worldclass health center and cosolidates its presence in Vitacura-Santiago, covering about 100,000 m2.

Architects: Marcela Quilodran B + Gustavo Greene W
Location: Manquehue, Vitacura, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
Architect In Charge: Marcela Quilodrán B, Gustavo Greene W
Design Team: Carolina Figueroa O
Area: 35458.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Lighting: Monica Perez and Associates
Calculation: Santiago Arias S, Jose Antonio Ramirez U
Construction: SALFA S.A.
Photographs: Nico Saieh



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