Endless Love Of Porcelain by Tongheshanzhi Landscape Design Co


We were commissioned to plan and design the development of Porcelain Culture Park in Jingdezhen, the origin of porcelain. Although the park built for several years, it still have a long trip to being a National five star level scenic. The prime problem of all is how to highlight Porcelain Culture, in the meantime, complement the function of park and develop the form.

The first impression we had of the site was the outstanding handicraft art and the traditional building of kiln. However, it has been outmoded for modern tourism, lacking of interaction. We do love tradition, yet, it would be better in contemporary mode. The plan principle is transforming the old park by local material and modern technique.

How to arrange the turbid circulation of the former entrance by minimum construct is another challenge. We design a series of “frame” display windows to separating vehicle and pedestrian which claimed by the client, also improved the view of entrance place. Fragment of porcelain massy used as part of structure, telling the tourism some story lasted for hundreds years.

The fence facing to the main street of Jingdezhen designed as the elevation of traditional kiln building, and the height depends on the terrain. The other function of the wall is revetment.

All the materials directly take from local, such as porcelain, brick of kiln. Planting design according to season so that different parts of the park bloom at different times using Local plants, camellias, osmanthus and maple.

Also the new tag system express Porcelain Culture by traditional signature, bamboo slip and porcelain.

Architects: Tongheshanzhi Landscape Design Co
Location: Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China
Design Team: Bo Jiang, Chao Wang, Jie Sun, Xin Xu, Yan Wei, Yuan Zhang, Bo Li, Chenfei Wang, Dongke Li
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of Tongheshanzhi Landscape Design Co



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