Bright Beads Pendant Lights by Marz Designs


Sydney-based Marz Designs have created the Bright Beads pendant lights.

The core range includes six pendant configurations (christened Aztec, Abacus, Art, Aleenta, Africa and Alice). These lights can be hung on their own as a single drop pendant or  alternatively in a cluster to create a chandelier and provide a focal point for a room. With both renters and home owners in mind they have been designed to either be installed professionally as a permanent feature or simply hung from a hook in the ceiling.

The concept was developed in conjunction with How We Create (the design showcasing business) and launched at Saturday Indesign last year, where we demonstrated the relationship between designer and manufacturer. The turned timber beads were made on the day, using a lathe so everyone could witness first-hand the process by which they were made.

Photography: James Braund


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