Galeria House by MACh Arquitetos


The architecture of this house, with the purpose of permanent residence and place of safekeeping and display a vast collection of works of art, shows an sculptural concept, proposed by architects toward the intentions stated by the owners.

A variety of ambiences, generated by spaces with different gradations of openings and closings in relation to the landscape, bring specific locations for future occupancy with works of art and, at the same time, promotes different perceptions of the nature of the surroundings and the Belo Horizonte skyline from the house.

The architectural composition is organized by the intersection of two basic elements: a longitudinal rectangular volume, parallel to the access road and sat along the contours of the land, and a high triangular volume suspended by thin metal pillars.

The first block holds functions related to meeting and leisure, with gym, sauna and spa in the lower level; and living and dining rooms, at ground level. The rooms and tv room are positioned In the triangular block above. This floor has two terraces: one near the TV room is more open, facing the city of Belo Horizonte; the other close to the rooms, with a more intimate and thorough orientation to the landscape of mountains. In this terrace there is a circular void that allows visual connection and natural light to the lower floor.

The pedestrian access takes place by a winding stone path that leads residents and visitors to ground level, where the social environments and the pool are located. The ramp allows vehicles to arrive on the third level, in the garage, which articulates the intimate area and services.

Sectorization given to leisure facilities, social interaction, services and intimate spaces is made with attention to solar orientation and implantation at different levels, providing the best opperation of the house without unwanted crossings and loss of privacy. The rooms face east and have private outdoor area as an extension of the internal environment. The service sector and rooms for employees is facing an inner courtyard, which ensures abundant natural light and ventilation. The living spaces and leisure are characterized by transparency and the limits of its expansion towards the landscape.

Architects: MACh Arquitetos
Location: Nova Lima, MG, Brazil
Project Architects: Fernando Maculan, Mariza Machado Coelho
Area: 966 sqm
Year: 2012
Collaborators: Lawrence Souza, Sheyla Passos, Samuel Ângelo
Construction: Construtora Porto Ltda
Structural: Lucas Saraiva
Building Installations: Printer Projetos and Consultoria Ltda
Photographs: Gabriel Castro, Fábio Del Re & Carlos Stein



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