House Pedralbes by BCarquitectos


This family home is located in the upper area of Barcelona. The project proposed to move the building to the rear of the site in order to achieve the best orientation towards the south and east, and to have a spacious garden. Furthermore, building the house on the highest point of the land attains the best views of the sea, the city of Barcelona and also the Serra de Collserola. Its proximity to a ring road required a formal solution to noise pollution. Estudio BC resolved this in the home, by designing a wooden skin formed by vertical slats, which covers the back and side façade, and planning a green wall-slope on the edge of the lot that reinforces the protection against the noise.

The pedestrian access to the house through the garage is located to the side of the site from the lowest level. The main entrance is located in the middle part of the first floor. The different floors, first, second, third and basement are designed following the longitudinal form of the terrain, with a stairwell and elevator in the middle that divides the different areas in each level. The basement as well as the garage includes storage rooms, exercise room, wine cellar and a gym at the back of the garden. The hall divides the space on the first floor: to the left are the living areas, opposite this the dining room and to the right the kitchen office and service areas. The bedrooms, along with a studio and terraces, are on the second floor while the master bedroom is on the third floor, which is also equipped with terraces.

The contrast between the wood and bush-hammered concrete with large woodwork structures serves to integrate the house with the garden and its surroundings. The project includes a lap pool.

Architects: BCarquitectos
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Architect In Charge: Susana Zanón, Gabriel Barba
Structural Engineer: Manuel Lopez
Contractor: Luis Parés
Area: 950 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Julio Cunill



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