Kayagata-sati – The Ideal Retreat Destination


Kayagata-sati is well planned retreat facilities, built on approx. 3000 m2 land covered by mountain scenery. Located closed to Cibodas botanical garden surrounding by mount Gede and Pangrango in West Java.

Every retreat is different. For some, it is a time for peaceful reflection about one’s life or faith. For others, it may be a time for healing, using prayers, meditation, and natural resources.
Yet others may use retreat as a time to prepare for a major task or life’s event; or they may want to learn more about their own spirituality, and seek instructions in techniques of prayer, meditation, or physical movement such as Yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi. Every religious and non-religious groupings have seen benefits of retreats.

At Kayagata-sati, we welcome everyone to achieve his/her own goal.


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