Avila Hospital by EACSN


The original building was built in the 1950’s; it is a low rise pavilion structure located within a large plot in the first area of expansion of the city of Avila.

The extension fits in the typology of the existing complex, which is actually very similar to current trends in healthcare architecture. We built two new ward pavilions placed between the existing main circulation gallery and a new internal circulation parallel to the first one, with a new vertical communication nucleus.

Internal alterations extended to the whole building, façades were restored keeping their original sober and stark personality.

Healthcarewise, the hospital completes Ávila’s healthcare map, providing nonexistent departments in Virgen de Sonsoles Hospital, such as Psychiatry, Internal Medicine –short term ward and palliative care-, Rehabilitation, etc.

Architects: EACSN
Location: Ávila, Spain
Architects In Charge: Víctor de las Casas, Eduardo Fernández Inglada, Eduardo Merello, Guillermo Merchán
Constructor: Volconsa
Area: 18,655 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Miguel de Guzmán



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