Chesapeake Child Development Center by Elliott + Associates Architects


The client’s instructions were simple and clear – create a center for inspired early childhood learning and development for the kids of Chesapeake employees. In typical Chesapeake fashion, they wanted it to be the best safe place where parents and guardians could come any time to spend time with their kids and be part of their lives while at work. We set out to design the model childhood development center in the country, spending over a year doing a great deal of research.

What Chesapeake has today is a fantastic center where kids are prepared for the next stages of education and parents and guardians are actively involved in all that goes on with the kids. To Chesapeake’s credit we had the opportunity to introduce art and architecture to children at an early age. For us, the architecture has been considered as a part of the learning experience.

Architects: Elliott + Associates Architects
Location: Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Design Team: Rand Elliott, Bill Yen, Ken Fitzsimmons, Karl Wolf
Client: Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Area: 60,000 sqft
Year: 2011
Photographs: Scott McDonald © Hedrich Blessing



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