House in Reckingen by Roman Hutter Architektur


Initial Situation
The Goms is a mountainous region located in the Valais canton. Besides the impressive landscape features a centuries-old tradition of wood construction which still exists in extensive parts of the area. Unfortunately, this building style didn’t evolve in a positive manner during the last couple of decades. Many of the newly built structures do not blend in with the character of the villages. Furthermore, no attempts are made to evolve a new style of housing based on the existing traditions. The goal should not be to solely conserve the existing context, but to develop an overall strategy rooted in the qualities and characteristics of the existing context.

Wooden Structures
The history and culture of the villages in the Goms valley have always been closely related to the development of wooden structures. Unfortunately, the profound knowledge about the particular construction technique tends to sink into oblivion instead of being applied during the construction of new buildings. Therefore it is important to pass this valuable knowledge on to our descendants while making it more attractive again. This applies for the log construction method in particular. Due to the fact that it is deeply rooted in the region, it can be considered highly ecological and sustainable.

Architects: Roman Hutter Architektur
Location: Reckingen, Switzerland
Architect In Charge: Roman Hutter, Carola Wies
Collaborator Architect: Harry Heyck
Area: 135.8 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Markus Käch



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