House Booth by Marcelo Daglio Arquitectos


Rescue the work of master Antonio Bonet for the community.

Recovering the spirit of the original project in terms of its implantation as well as of its original architecture was always the main concern for adopting intervention criteria. Throughout the years, more than 100m2 had been added to the original project, which have been demolished giving the project its original volumetry back.

The architecture proposed in our project was carefully arranged so that the new and the old engage into a dialogue of respect among architectures of different times. The materiality of the new proposal, the outdoor space generated as a result of the incorporation of a new volume, seeks the required synergy to enhance a current architecture with that of the master, without competing with it.

Materials used were those which get old in a most natural way, i.e. lapacho woods in grids and steel sections in the second storey volume. They compose the materiality of the new architecture, being materials chosen under the concept of zero maintenance.

In the original house, materials suggested by the master were maintained except for the outdoor carpentry in wood which was substituted by Aluminium Schuko brand carpentry, and floors made of monolithic tiles of 40 x 40 cm which were substituted by monolithic made in situ, respecting the original materiality.

Incorporate the new needs of the client and update Bonet’s work, according to new demands of comfort and functioning required by current life.

The new program requested by the client is composed of a guest house, barbecue, yoga room, swimming pool and of conditioning of outdoor spaces. Last generation technology was incorporated to the original work, not only for water but also for intelligent systems. It restored all materials used in the original house placement and materiality respecting original.

The service area located in the original building was enlarged and relocated.

It has been a very rewarding job for us. He has received rave reviews by the National Heritage Commission, reason also motivated us to share the experience.

Architects: Marcelo Daglio Arquitectos
Location: Punta Ballena, Maldonado, Uruguay
Architect In Charge: Marcelo Daglio
Collaborators: Jimena Cáceres, Pedro Baubeta
Landscape Planner: Elena Artagaveytia
Area: 360 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Courtesy of Marcelo Daglio Arquitectos



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