Art Stage Singapore Installation & Exhibition by WY-TO Architects


Inspired by the textile industry of Southeast Asia, Yann Follain, co-founder of WY-TO Architects, has designed a Floating Skeleton at Art Stage Singapore to greet the fair’s visitors. The wire-framed floating structure will act as a gateway to Asia’s global art fair. The over-sized loom theme follows through into the new VIP area – The Whirl. Follain has deliberately used lines (representing thread), color, light and textures to represent the diverse and differentiating cultural influences on the established textile industry of Southeast Asia. More images and architects’ description after the break.

As Art Stage Singapore celebrates its third year, visitors can expect to experience an altogether new sense of arrival thanks to a collaboration with WY-TO. The Parisian / Singaporean founded architecture firm specializing in art installation and exhibition design, will ensure that VIP visitors to the exhibition feel both a heightened sense of drama and privacy.

Representing Follain’s take on a traditional textile loom from which cloth is woven, the Floating Skeleton structure’s meticulous lines represent the diverse techniques and patterns of Southeast Asian textiles. The lines also reinforce the thread that connects people and civilizations through time. The Skeleton is a sculpture in motion, providing a different perspective from every angle.

The Whirl aims to create a series of enclaves for established collectors to experience an increased sense of privacy while visiting the exhibition. The Whirl has been created to evoke the feeling of something ancient, between Art and Craftsmanship.

Architects: WY-TO Architects
Location: Marina Bay Sands, Expo and Convention Center, Singapore
Team: Yann Follain (Head), Tovya Koh (architectural designer)
Collaborators: Kingsmen (Main Contractor), AirStar International (Furniture)
Client: Art Stage Singapore
Lounge Floor Area: 396.1 sqm
Gate Floor Area: 57.2 sqm
Total Floor Area: 17,190 sqm
Project Year: 2013



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