Concrete 0023 by studio eight twentythree


‘Concrete 0023′ is a permanent exhibition/gallery space for a fabric design and manufacturing company based in Mumbai. The studio’s direction currently is towards designing and exploring objects and spaces using concrete as a primary material; designed to house and launch a new collection of  fabrics of mumbai based manufacturing and designing company, ‘concrete 0023′ is space exploring ideas and avenues using this idea.

Using only primary elements such as concrete, wood and stone, and most of them incorporated in their natural form was the basic guideline or concept for this project. One wall specifically is finished incorporating concrete tiles 2′ x 2′ wide,designed and manufactured by the studio especially for the project.  Similar tiles but in smaller sizes of 8” x 8” are incorporated into the floor where the main fabric collection is hung, they are lined by black basalt stone providing contrast in finish and texture to the floor.

Other walls are explored using polished concrete on the surfaces with varying degrees of mixes, which gives each surface a different look; the uncertainty of the final outcome makes it all the more interesting. Each wall acts as a backdrop for various artifacts and  curios that the clients have been collecting over the years, leaving much of the floor space open and uncluttered for visitors coming to the gallery.

Architects: studio eight twentythree
Location: Andheri, Mumbai, India
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of studio eight twentythree



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