Nursery School in Dos Hermanas by Carmen Sánchez Blanes


The winning entry in the competition to build a nursery school in Dos Hermanas, Sevilla, consists of a single story building. The conceptual design of the building seeks to meet the needs of the children whilst utilising the space effectively. Our task is to teach children to grow, learn, and develop through their own efforts. Therefore, it is crucial to create an environment where children can develop on an individual level.

The organisation contains a public and private division to focus on combining the teaching and learning areas within the building. The footprint of this bespoke nursery is 4.050.00 m2, located in a 11,562 m² site. This remaining area will be used for the construction of a primary school in the near future.

The building’s main entrance is located at the confluence of two streets. Widening the pavements will facilitate the entry space to the school and therefore the drop-off and pick-up of children. The main entrance contains a porch, which is a major hallmark of the project. This enclosed porch protects the children from rain and sun.

To meet the project requirements of a high number of covered square metres, the covered porch is divided into four smaller porches. The main purpose of this space is to protect the children from rain and sun during outdoor play. The four smaller porches will allow several classes to use this space at the same time in an orderly fashion.

Each classroom is painted with a different colour so that the neutral coloured background material, a white facade of prefabricated concrete panels, can stand out and act as sensitive stimulators to the children. It also helps the children identify their particular classroom. Each classroom adjoins a porch of the same colour. The interior finish is designed to be of cement-wood panels and the floor will be covered in an elasticated rubber with a granulated and coloured finish.

The classrooms will face on to individual patio spaces allowing one to gain a hint of the children’s world through the coloured slats of the windows. Classrooms also face on to the communal playground and the school offices and utilities will face on to the main road.

Architect: Carmen Sánchez Blanes
Location: Dos Hermanas, Sevilla, Spain
Area: 1,319 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Lolo Vasco



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