Casa AG by Clement & Rico Arquitectos


For several years in the architecture Mendoza went in another direction. He has rediscovered a panoramic view towards the hills that surround the province, mountains and landscapes as majestic.Choosing to live in the foothills allows to enjoy the silence and tranquility of nature that often gets lost in the city by the pace of life.

This construction is thought through various concepts in order to use all of its components and reach a finished product. A spacious, comfortable and where each member of the family can live in your space clearly identified and defined. With a wonderful view, in a residential area in front of the Cordillera de Los Andes,the house catches the light and landscape in a unique integration.

The facade of this house is rectangular volumes intertwined in this way, to capture the best view, create lines of light in hallways and stairs inside the house. These volumes as noticeable in the work, let the variety of dimensions in height and position making themselves more visible facades.In addition, a basic theme in this project and which had from the first moment, is the ambiguous relationship between interior and exterior, that is, within a landscape is not only closed, but is related to the exterior landscape forming a line just visible. A journey that is experienced through movement. Furthermore,Ideally located in a corner of the Barrio Pueyrredón, the spacious grounds where he built the house, and the double height of the work, he favors the isolation necessary for the sight that has not interrupted by the neighboring rooftops.

Functionally the house has three bedrooms, all en suite located on the top floor of the house with balconies and terraces fortified perimeter. And on the ground floor are the spaces that allow family sociability and services needed to live.The floor space communication between high and low is delimited by a wooden staircase that accesses a slight slip and transparent.

The dining room and be unified daily, provides comfort and identifies with the spirit of the young and current family members. The furniture meets the needs and comfort of a family enjoying the relationship with nature. The decor and interior design and furniture,thought and realized also by the architectural firm Clement and Rico, has few decorative ornaments, adjusting to a minimalist concept that reflects and describes their owners.

Architects: CLEMENT & RICO – Arquitectos
Location: Godoy Cruz, Argentina
Year of Build: 2009
Built area: 650.0 m²
Photographer: Clement & Rico Arquitectos

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