La Revilla House by Estudio Mariano Martin


Just like a small Pandora´s box, the house hides in the existing landscape, waiting closed until the arrival of of its residents the weekend. Then, all secrets are revealed, opening the landscape into the house.

A box of stone and tile rests on a wooden one, which at the same time opens to receive the glass, allows dialogue between the feeling of protection and shelter needed and the sights and light of the wonderful landscape that surrounds it. A small wooden box and glass on the first floor reveals the mystery between closed and open, as a permanent observer of the valley.

Indoor, an open space at ground floor will serve as living – dining – kitchen and on the first floor the bedrooms and bathrooms. A adjusted budget will be enough for trades in the area know how to develop their profession as they always did.

Inside a gray stucco floor is used for the whole house, heated by an under floor heating system that makes us surprise as being warm in winter and cool in summer … the rest, simply white. As the last and certainly the most important of the materials, the surrounding vegetation, the small garden with cypress guarding it… that makes our mark disappear as if the house had always been there.

Architects: Estudio Mariano Martin
Location: La Revilla, Segovia, Spain
Area: 215 sqm
Year: 2008
Photographs: Ángel Baltanás



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