Levin Residence by Ibarra Rosano Design Architects


Three simple volumes hover above the desert, responding to the challenges of a sloping site and to an ethic of building with minimal disruption to the natural environment.

The available buildable area was bifurcated by a minor drainage-way, which inspired the architects to leave the cars behind and link the parking area to the main house by a bridge that allows rainwater and wildlife to flow beneath it.

Cantilevered concrete slabs enabled the house to run perpendicular to the topography for optimal solar exposure, for cross-ventilation, and to frame views. Meanwhile, the underside provides shady refuge for desert animals.

The tubular forms crop the desert landscape into more intelligible vignettes much like a photographer’s square, celebrating the natural setting and view of the city lights the owner did not even realize they had.

Architects: Ibarra Rosano Design Architects
Location: Marana, Arizona, USA
Design Team: Luis Ibarra, Teresa Rosano, Jennifer Martin
Area: 3,520 sqft
Year: 2009
Structural Engineer: Harris Engineering Services
Mechanical Consultant: Paul Formentini
Cost Of Construction: $300/sf
Site Size: 2.24 acres
Photographs: Bill Timmerman



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