Rooms that Follow the Scenery by ON design partners


Woods that spread in front of you, the gentle slope, light poring on the site. The element which consist the rooms are the scenery. The angled windows following the movement of the sun, the floors flowing the slope of the site.

The rooms created in this way does not look like a conventional room. Angle, multilevel, bump is something that is considered to be a minus point. But here it becomes a great value. Walking around the rooms, searching the best place and spend time with chugging light.

Rather than facing off against the scenery the rooms nestle up with the scenery. We reconsidered a new way of creating rooms resetting the values of a conventional room.

The windows are angles at 15. The deepness of the sun light changes by time. The gaps become a place for people to stay.

You wake up in the room where the sun light comes in the morning, and take a nap and read books at a warm place full of sun light. Activities lap over with the scenery under the time line of magnificent nature. A scenery of life where it is only possible here appears.

This is a weekend house in Karuizawa. The site is 1000㎡ with a gentle slope. When standing there the scenery jumps over the site and spreads freely. It makes you excited about the season of new green leaves and the snow scene.

Architects: ON design partners
Location: Karuizawa Saku-gun, Nagano, Japan
Design Team: Osamu Nishida, Takanori Ineyama
Structure Design: Mato Structure Design Office
Construction: Daiichi Construction
Site Area: 1018.39 sqm
Total Floor Area: 95.19 sqm
Area: 115.66 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of ON design partners



2 thoughts on “Rooms that Follow the Scenery by ON design partners

  1. He leido Rooms that Follow the Scenery by ON design partners | KARMATRENDZ con mucho interes y me ha parecido interesente ademas de facil de leer. No dejeis de cuidar este blog es bueno.


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