Rabanua by DX Arquitectos


Rabanua’s House is designed as a summer house for a family consisting of three generations, in which owners plan to combine long periods of rest with other activities.

The site is characterized by the omnipresence of an overwhelming landscape, whose main sight is the Pacific Ocean. By this, one of the main concerns was to generate different instances of relationship with the environment, capturing evocative views of the breathtaking panoramic view.

Thus, the house consists of two concrete ships in east-west direction, which contain common areas, service units (the north aisle) and dependencies of the inhabitants (the south aisle ). The link between these bodies is a gallery which hosts access transparent and communicates the interior spaces of the house.

Between the two, appears a third not built body, which the terrace is developed. To protect from the wind and give livability to this, proposes an angle between the North nave and South of the building. The different views of the house seeks to frame fragments of landscape to create unique relationships with each place.

It also seeks to achieve harmony with the environment through the use of color applied to the material, recreating the game of colors that represent the rock formations of the area.

Architects Office: DX Arquitectos
Location: Huentaleuquen, Canela, Coquimbo Region, Chile
Architects: Juan Luzoro, Federico Novoa, Diego Pitters
Contractor: Germán Alzerreca
Calculist: Jorge Díaz
Area: 280 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Sur-press Agency



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