Casuarinas House by Metropolis


The project is located in Las Casuarinas, in the Andes foothills in the city of Lima, in an area of 1080.10 m2.

The proposal includes the development of a two-story residence with access from the upper floor.

The parking garage is on level-0.70m. It is reached from the +0.00 level (street level) and has 5 parking spaces.

The first floor is accessed through a bridge and is distributed as follows:

A room with a staircase that leads to the basement, a master bedroom with 2 walk-in closet, bathroom and terrace, another bedroom with bathroom and terrace, and two bedrooms with bathroom.

The lower level is accessed by a staircase from the first floor and has a distribution hall of double height, a second room, guest bathroom, living room, main dining room, kitchen, and dining area. The service area is separated from the rest of the house and has a separate entrance, where laundry facilities and a staff bedroom are located.

The garden is located on the first level and is fenced with stone planters due to the volume of excavation. Also, the lot is fenced with a 3.00m hight fence, according to the rules of the association.

The house has been conceptualized as a modern container from the first generation of lecorbusianos projects, which use natural materials such as stone, marble and wood.

The first floor is like a glass box allowing the house to be projected on the exterior. It has been privileged the landscape and outdoor lighting, which can be modulated to meet various social situations.

The second floor was designed as a perforated container with a higher roof to encourage the interior unlike the first floor that projects to the exterior.

The intention was to create a different proposal, so that the house itself could grow old with their owners. The whole house has references of different types achieving both modern eclecticism but belonging to an alternative future as well.

Architects: Metropolis
Location: Lima, Peru
Architect in Charge: José Orrego
Project Area: 569 sqm
Photographs: Juan Solano



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