Treehouse Riga by Appleton & Domingos


Based on the Treehouse system, a new dwelling typology was developed, very compact and flexible with only two modules, aiming to meet the demand for reduced area housing for either private use or the hotel industry.

Two modules of about 20m2 each contain a living room with integrated kitchen and two small bedrooms – one double and the other for children / guests – sharing a bathroom.

A birch wooden running wall / door allows for great versatility creating two different houses – one during daytime and another during the night – depending on its position.

During the day, the door is positioned allowing the living room to extend to the children/guest’s room. At night, the running door encloses the children/guests bedroom ensuring the necessary privacy and allowing independent access from both bedrooms to the bathroom.

Two small patios, one fenced and the other one open, extend the house outdoors. Its location on opposite sides yet connected to the living room ensures that, regardless of the site, there are always two courtyards of different characteristics.

The small size of the house led to the definition of relatively large glazings allowing wide views outdoors which expand the indoors spaces.

Contrary to other Treehouse typologies, this house does not have the capacity to evolve, presenting itself as a closed project yet highly effective in terms of area utilization.

Other differences from previous versions relate to the appearance of the house and the window frames used – both of painted wood.

In the choice of materials and constructive solutions we sought to use solutions which are comfortable, environmentally friendly and with controlled costs.

The efficiency of the typology design combined with the choice of materials, allowed the construction of a house intended to have a high performance and low cost.

Architects: Appleton & Domingos
Location: Azambuja, Portugal
Interior Decoration: Magda Alves Pereira
Product Development: Jular Madeiras
Project Year: 2012
Area T1+1: 44 sqm
Area T2+1: 66 sqm
Photographs: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra



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