Bahrain House by MORIQ


In an altitude of deliberate self appraisal, the house  situated in the north western part of Bahrain in an  area called Hamala shoots up from its entry point at western side and forms almost an iconic structure of twin  slopes , recognisable from  far away . The western side protects it from the extreme sun in summer.An extension on the north eastern side houses a few bedrooms+deck .The landscape is well integrated with the  various changing levels of the inside, designed on split levels where nothing is very far away, and every level opening  into its landscaped area and part of the house is dugged in to escape the summer heat and part of the house sits a top the ground with lots of glass to enjoy  the winter .The service areas are arranged in the centre of the house and all the living areas and bedrooms are in the peripheral areas to make maximum usage of light, ventilation views,etc.

A few more features point wise are:

The plot area is 4308 sq yard and the built up is 12700 sft.

In keeping view of the increasing size of the owners family..midway through construction..another equal sized lot(approx 2000sqyrds) was added to this existing north facing plot..which together became a generously sized area of 4000sqyrds with roads on both north and south sides.

The layout was so designed that all the serviceslike sanirary ducts,ac shafts,electrical automation rooms staircases,stores,toilets,dresses etc  are in the central part of the house and the main areas like lounges,living,bars,bedrooms were put on the periphery thereby giving them all the. Precious light,ventilation,views.

The house was designed with split levels with every level opening into its landscaping .all main bedrooms are on upper level and the living areas on the ground levels.two extra bedrooms alongwith a gym and a temp controlled swimming pool are tucked in the midcellar.the hometheatre was planned in the cellar.all the spaces are so well connected that a strong sense of ‘unit design’ prevails.

Two sloping roofs cover these internal spaces cladded with wood inside and shingles outside.

The juxtaposition of the various split levels and the sloping roofs covering them give every space a unique ht and proportion while at the same time also giving a strong sense of a unit.

The floors are laid with white composite stone .the central staircase atrium has stone cladded Wallace essential point was no embellishments. Were forced,no extra materials were used and specifications were repeated to make the interior architecture stand out.the resulting spaces were so interesting within themselves that no extra decoration was needed.the same interiors materials were extended to outside landscaping as well to integrate not just the interior with architecture but also with the exteriors for that unit design concept.

A house for all seasons..given the extremeties in weather can either enjoy the winter sun from all rooms which have floor to ceiling glasses or if one wants to escape the summer heat..then one can retreat into the cooler midcellar and cellar areas.its like having a bit of both the worlds.

The new block had 3 additional rooms planned along with a open to sky swimming pool and a barbecue deck.

One more gate was planned from the south road.some additional servant quarters were added near this.ample parking space was planned for at least 4-6 cars.

A long narrow waterbody traverses along the south -north span of the building and turns into a snaillike water fall near the northern yard.lots of different levels were created in the landscape to integrate with the changing.

Architects: MORIQ
Location: Hamala, Bahrain
Area: 12,700 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of MORIQ



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