Great-Grand Parents House by Jesus Davila Architects


The client made the request to me of drawing the house in a way the house was warm, functional and one level only for the floor. It should had responded to a limited budget, a dificult context and a minimal terrain. With the budget aproximating to 45,000 USdlls, a living room, a kitchen, a dinning room, a bathroom, a 1/2 bathroom, a dressing room, and a main bedroom were constructed within 73 m2.

The bedroom is divided with 2 walls to provide intimacy and the dressing room and the bathroom are added, separately, the kitchen is enclosed by 3 tall walls; the livingroom and dinning room, as well as the 1/2 bathroom ar drawn into the public area.

My proposal was to open the house as much as possible to the sun, air, and a small existent garden. The height responds to the impact of the morning sun, that crawls all the way in through the 2 large windows to illuminate the space completely. Waking up, as well as having a meal, have an eternal interaction with the exterior, which is manipulated totally by nature (the garden)

This house was planned for an old couple. Everything mentioned bebore was enclosed within very closed walls to respond to the complex and not very pleasant context, open just to where it was convenient, and its aesthetics planned for not drawing the attention of anyone but its occupants. Under these concepts and conditions, I built the great-grand parents house.

Architects: Jesus Davila Architects
Location: San Felipe, Aguascalientes, Mexico
Area: 73 sqm
Year: 2012
Photography: Eddy Yuvoniel




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