Mascara House by mA-style architects


A site looks toward the road and rural district.

We can see mountains over paddy field.

Here is the urbanization control area, it’s hard to change the atmosphere dramatically. That’s why our client chose the place.

Our client demanded expansive style that means not to divide the room much.

Also, we thought the harmony between house and atmosphere. First, we created 2 structures like box east and west to avoid influence from neighbor that is expected near the future. The sight is opened to North and South.

2 boxes have private rooms for each person. The space that sandwiched 2 boxes is public zone to have a life with family.

It sounds like clear distinction, but each space is connected by some means.

The relation between inside and outside is connected by curved floor in veranda. Escarped floor that turns to wall doesn’ t feel us clear border between them. By doing so, our sight and feeling spread to even distant view. We also did same means whole house.

In addition it, we arranged gap of the level each floor in the house instead of making wall to yield spaciousness.

To link nature and construction, we adopted natural wood. The texture of wood in the room produces taste for natural. The wind and sun light migrates in the public space which is covered by wood. It really feels easiness and spaciousness for the client to live. This is they demanded.

Architects: mA-style architects
Location: Shizuoka, Hamamatu-City, Japan
Architect In Charge: Atsushi Kawamoto, Mayumi Kawamoto
Site Area: 232.02 sqm
Building Area: 82.46 sqm
Area: 111.44 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Kai Nakamura



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